H3C Wins Second Largest Share in China Unicom's 2020-2021 Centralized Server Procurement

          H3C Wins Second Largest Share in China Unicom's 2020-2021 Centralized Server Procurement

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          Recently, H3C has won the bid in China Unicom's 2020-2021 centralized server procurement with a share of 26.5%, ranking the second among all bidders. The total amount of the bid hit 2.17 billion CNY. The bid-winning mirrors H3C's technical advantages and overall strength in the server market as well as demonstrates China Unicom's trust in and recognition for the company.

          H3C UniServer R4900 G3

          The three servers of H3C that won the bidding, including UniServer R4700 G3, 4900 G3 and 4960 G3, will be widely applied in the construction of China Unicom's CT cloud resource pool, IT resource pool, and public and private cloud resource pools that provide support for Business Support Systems (BSS), Operation Support Systems (OSS) and cloud companies, laying a solid foundation for the carrier to upgrade its digital capability.

          With advanced technologies and keen insights into the needs of clients, H3C has become one of the frontrunners in the ever-evolving server market. It secured steady growth in the first quarter of 2020 and both its sales quantity and sales volumes ranked among the top three in China’s x86 server market, according to IDC report.

          As a trusted core value partner of carriers, H3C has fully participated in the construction of carriers’ IT private cloud and 5G network cloud, and made major breakthroughs in products and solutions from servers and switches to distributed storage and Data Center Software Defined Network (DC-SDN) solution, helping carriers grasp the opportunities in the digital age and lead the digital transformation in the industry.

          As “New Infrastructure” project is promoting the innovative integration of emerging technologies such as 5G, AI, and cloud computing into industries, H3C will keep deepening cooperation with China Unicom and make collaborative innovations based on their respective advantages in technologies and resources, so as to build an engine for accelerating the digital transformation of various industries.