H3C Wins Largest Share in China Mobile’s 2020-2022 Centralized IPS Procurement

          H3C Wins Largest Share in China Mobile’s 2020-2022 Centralized IPS Procurement

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          H3C recently became the top winner in China Mobile’s 2020-2022 centralized Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) procurement, winning 70 percent of the share in both of the procurement’s bidding sections. It fully demonstrated China Mobile’s recognition for H3C’s achievements in cybersecurity, and further consolidated the leading position of H3C in the cybersecurity industry.

          The shortlisted cybersecurity products in this centralized procurement of China Mobile, the scale of which is larger than ever, will be deployed for core application scenarios of cloud mobile networks, mobile cloud and private cloud.

          Different from the procurements in the previous years, China Mobile requested this time that apart from regular functions and indexes, devices shall have an expansion capability of over 200G Ethernet. Besides, new tests are requested to assess the performance of the products in network management, as well as the redundancy of main control and switch boards, which raised a higher demand for the products’ reliability, expansibility, and intelligence. Facing such rigorous demand, H3C still took the largest share in the centralized procurement, which further indicated the excellence of its IPS products.

          T9000-E8, a new-gen high-end IPS product of H3C, passed China Mobile’s test with a high rating. Adopting a whole-new adaptor and the fifth-generation security module, it is able to optimize hardware utilization and double the performance with reduced adaptor dimension, which perfectly fits the business development of carriers.

          H3C is currently the only company in the world that is able to produce IPS products that integrate vulnerability library, professional virus library and application protocol library. With H3C FIRST (Full Inspection with Rigorous State Test), its IPS products are able to detect and prevent all kinds of cyber attacks and abuse precisely and in a real-time manner.

          Since 2009, H3C has won bids for years in the cybersecurity product procurements of China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, the top carriers in China. In 2019 alone, it has won shares in multiple procurement projects of China Mobile on firewall, IPS and SDN products. Based on its experiences of cybersecurity technology gained in the past a dozen years, H3C has become one of the major suppliers of cybersecurity devices for carriers.