H3C Gears up for China’s Smart Transportation Construction

          H3C Gears up for China’s Smart Transportation Construction

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          The increasingly deepening integration between digital technology and transportation is constantly driving the construction of smart transportation infrastructure.

          As an industry leader that is able to make full stack digital innovation, H3C, relying on its Digital Brain Project 2020, aims to build smart transportation solutions that lead the world in both underlying structure and data platform. Addressing the different needs for digital transformation in different transportation sectors, such as road, railway, airport and urban rail transit, the company will offer advanced solutions for its clients.

          So far, H3C has joined the construction of 172 metro lines in 43 cities, and participated in the deployment of the digitalization projects of 18 railway administrations and all 14 directly affiliated maritime safety administrations under China’s Ministry of transportation. It has offered digital support for top 10 busiest airports in China, as well as all airports at provincial-capital level. The company is also a service provider for 400 expressways across China, and won the bids of around a dozen cloud-based highway ETC projects.

          Urban rail transit

          To further improve the transportation efficiency and experience for tens of millions of passengers in Shanghai, H3C is dedicated to the cloud construction of Shanghai Shentong Metro Group, building an underlying structure that is flexible and features strong performance in expansibility, openness and compatibility based on urban rail converged cloud solutions. The cloud system collects key data generated by 17 metro lines in Shanghai, and submits them to core analysis platform, senior data analysis platform, intelligent car cockpit analysis and digit-sharing service platform of the group, which powerfully advances the construction of smart metro and leads the digitalization of urban rail transit.


          H3C is making full efforts to assist the digital transformation of China Railway. In the construction of the main data center, H3C established a three-layer network structure relying on its efficient switches and the iMC (Intelligent Management Center), which guarantees the data center’s high performance while improving its reliability. H3C has also helped China Railway, with stable and reliable servers, digitalize the latter’s shipping papers and vehicle management system. Besides, H3C updated and expanded China Railway’s new-gen ticket and e-payment platform, so as to meet the latter’s demand regarding ticketing and customer services and lead a smart revolution in railway transportation.


          As a partner of the aviation industry in digital transformation and construction, H3C has long been participating in the planning and innovative transformation of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in Guangdong province. With high-quality products and innovative technical support, H3C laid a solid bedrock for the airport to embrace the digital era, carrying out in-depth cooperation with the latter in a series of projects, such as the airport’s safety upgrading, technical upgrading of the wireless network and network security in the airport’s Terminal 2, and server setup for the airport’s visualization system.


          H3C provides integrated network solution for China’s ETC network center. H3C switches, which adopt CLOS architecture and feature the proprietary software virtualization technology of IRF, offer great expansibility for the network and powerful support for follow-up business expansion. Besides, it also simplifies network maintenance and largely reduces the workload of maintenance management. Equipped with firewall, IPS and other security devices, the switches are making every effort to ensure the smooth operation of roads.

          As “new infrastructure” initiative emerges as a major driving force for the transformation of transportation industry, H3C will better exploit its advantages in offering digital solutions, and build new engines for the development of smart transportation relying on its rich experiences.